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No matter your starting point

Customising the process for you

Making a great coffee comes down to understanding how to choose the right beans, set up your grinder and extract the coffee correctly for the bean, and (if you like it white), steam the milk.

Within that, there are a number of steps and processes, that aren’t a dark art, and can quickly become almost natural, so that you’re making consistently good coffee.

No matter what equipment you have, or coffee you like to drink, once you know how, it’s easy.  Think of it like a personal barista course, designed for the equipment you have, and the coffees that you and yours like to drink.

Whether you knock back an espresso before your morning ride, or want to create the perfect texture in a flat white when your friends come for morning tea, we can coach you through the process so you are confident behind the machine.

Also, if you get new beans, or want to make a ristretto for a discerning friend you're confident making changes to your machine or grinder.


I have owned and used a Rocket Giotto espresso machine with Compak K3 grinder for 5 years and never managed to pull a good shot using a naked portafilter, always having to use a spouted portafilter as I was getting a lot of channeling and espresso spraying around making mess and wasting coffee. I think that his knowledge and advice can help anyone improve their coffee skills, from espresso shots to the mechanics of an espresso machine, to latte art of a left facing swan or even a dragon.  5/5 stars, would recommend

Rob Moss