Home Barista Coach is a passion of Stu Bryden.  Stu has worked in almost every aspect of the coffee industry in Victoria, from barista work in high-end cafe's, to designing fitouts and training cafe staff, through to speciality coffee roasting, even education for cafe owners on bean and equipment selection for their unique clientele.

Stu lives in a small town in the Victorian High Country, and from that small town, he's able to coach customers across Australia, understanding our unique obsession with coffee culture.  He wants to make sure that his clients are empowered to make the quality of coffee they're used to drinking in cafe's, at home.

Stu believes that speciality coffee roasting in Australia, is now more than ever a partnership between growers around the world, often in one-on-one relationships with Australian roasters, and that partnership has made some of the best coffee in the world.  He believes that with the quality of home espresso equipment, it's now more than ever entirely possible to make that coffee at home, whether you want to become a barista that can make consistently good coffee for friends or family, or you want to try a different roast, from a different roaster, every week, experiementing with your extraction to get the most from your beans.

Home Barista Coach is about helping Australian home baristas make the best use of the beans that have been lovingly grown and roasted, so they can experience great coffee on a daily basis.  Making coffee is just like any other skill, it's easy once you know how.  What is difficult is finding the right infomation, or being taught in a way that works for you.  The goal of Home Barista Coach, is to take you out of that learning loop, and shorten your time to making exceptional coffee, repeatedly.  The way we do that, is one on one training, in your own home, on your own equipment.

When he's not making coffee at home, or training future baristas, Stu is a fantastic father to 2 young girls, and with or without them, enjoys cycling, fishing, skiing (telemark of course), and everything the Victorian high country has to offer. 

His coffee machine of choice is currently a Linea Mini (La Marzocco), and he's had Profitecs, Rancilios, and even Brevilles to play with over the years.  He's currently grinding with a Niche and a Mazzer Mini.  You'll also see him playing with his partner's La Marzocco GS3 MP by Specht.  Chances are, he's used your machine already.