My name is Stu Bryden. I have been working in the coffee industry for the last few years after a long period  in the Auatralian Army.  I was always fascinated by the stories and the cultures associated with coffee and decided it was time to get some real education in coffee and start exploring. I have worked as a barista and roaster in the Victorian Alpine Area and now work and continue to seek out opportunities to learn about the industry.

So why do I want to help people make great coffee at home? Well I’ve been to many friends houses over the years and had coffee from some pretty amazing machines, with high quality coffee beans and it still has tasted average at best. Making coffee is like any skill, it’s easy once you know how. What is important in learning a new skill or improving the coffee making skills you have is finding the right information, in the format that works for you. I’m all about working together with you to make sure you understand the how and also the why when making coffee. Why does it taste bitter? Why does it taste sour? Where is my creama? 

Once you understand the why behind making coffee you have started the real education towards making great coffee at home, every time.