Customer Reviews

I have owned and used a Rocket Giotto espresso machine with Compak K3 grinder for 5 years and never managed to pull a good shot using a naked portafilter, always having to use a spouted portafilter as I was getting a lot of channeling and espresso spraying around making mess and wasting coffee. I think that his knowledge and advice can help anyone improve their coffee skills, from espresso shots to the mechanics of an espresso machine, to latte art of a left facing swan or even a dragon.  5/5 stars, would recommend
Rob Moss, 19th October 2020

Stu has been great in guiding me through the world of home espresso making. I was pulling sour & undrinkable shots of espresso. I had the appropriate equipment and technique; I could not figure what I was doing wrong. After talking with him over a video call, we were able to find the cause of the sour espresso. The grinder was not able to grind fine enough. Even though the grinder was on its  finest setting. Without his help I would of identified the issue. He then provided possible courses of action that I would take to improve my grinds. Now I’m making café quality espressos at home.
Matthew Ly, 03 Nov 2020