Coffee Coaching Pack

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If you want to make sure you have the skills and knowledge to compliment your new espresso machine then the Espresso Coaching Pack will take you through everything you need to know. The coaching pack is tailored to put you on the right path initially with an orientation and set up session, encouraging you to get hands on with your machine with enough knowledge to start making espresso and milk based drinks. This will also help you get everything laid out the right way to keep things neat and tidy.

We follow this up with a main coaching session once you have had time to familiarise yourself with your machine and try your hand as a home barista. This session can be more targeted now that you have had a little hands-on time and will give you a deeper understanding of how to make necessary adjustments to your machine and grinder. This is where we start the journey into latte art that will have you obsessed with trying to master the rosetta or swan.

The final session is a confirmation of everything you have learned so far with an opportunity to go down the rabbit hole into some of the more advanced topics like temperature and pressure manipulation or even some more advanced latte art.

Each session has a specific aim and they will feed into the next with training and education resources to be provided along the journey.