Making Espresso - A Simple Guide


This my simple easy to follow guide to making espresso for the Home Barista. I really want you to feel empowered to get stuck into using your machine and own the process. I want you to be the expert on your equipment and surprise friends with a beautiful silky smooth flat white or latte when they visit. The process is pretty easy once you have the right information, so lets get started.

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You at least need an espresso machine, grinder, tamper and milk jug to get you started.


Minimum Equipment



Additional Equipment



  • A good set of scales will help you be more accurate and consistent 
  • A distribution tool is useful and looks cool but not necessary.

Learning the coffee making process (The Workflow) is the perfect place to start. Get this right and you'll be on track to make great coffee every time, even if you change beans or a friend asks you for an 3/4 almond latte with a dash of skinny milk and 3 sweetners.

 So here it is. This is the entire thing. Let's do it.


In this video you can see the workflow which takes you through every step in real time. Remember you dont need to rush. What I like about the simple workflow is that it takes away variables in making coffee. Do it the same every time and there is less chance for mistakes. It also keeps everything nice and clean.

Workflow Video


Step 1 - Dose


Accurate dosing can be achieved using scales. Portafilter baskets have a specific size. Most quality baskets are stamped with the capacity on the side for ease of identification. Otherwise you can load the basket and gently level each time before tamping to provide consistency of dose.

Step 2 – Distribute


Step 3 - Tamp



Step 4 - Extract



Don't get to carried away with ratios and recipies straight away. Get the process right then get stuck into the details.

If you have scales start by using a 1:2 ratio of coffee in to coffee out. So if you put 20g in your basket you want to shoot for 40g out.

No Scales - Not a big issue, fill the basket, level and tamp. Just try and fill to the same line every time to give you some consistency. Run the coffee for between 25-30 sec.

Running too Slow - Grind slightly coarser

Running too Fast - Grind slightly finer

Step 5 - Texture



Learn from a professional 

So that's it. Coffee in, coffee out then add milk.....simple. I can't encourage you enough to just get stuck into it and practice. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or make a huge mess.

I can't wait to see you progress into the awesome world of being your own home barista.